With our own foundry and expert team Domite® has the ability and experience to create custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Any of our standard dimensions for any product can be easily altered to suit your preference at minimal cost. Non-standard shapes and sizes are easy to create and adapt to our processes.

Virtually any design can be achieved in a Domite® casting from elbows, flanges, pump housing, segments to name only a few.

Consider our Domite® Run-Out Rolls as either a one-piece or sleeve approach that resists wear from hot billets so well it still looks like new when other materials are ready to retire. It has a soft inner roll and inner hub that never needs replacement. When the sleeve does wear out, it can be replaced with a new one, quickly and easily.

For example: Cooling Bed run-out rolls previously made of steel shells with hardfacing applied, had their life increased from 3 ½ months to 1 ½-2 years, while in another case, life increased from 7 months to 2 ½ years with the use of Domite®. Water box rolls previously made of steel with spray and weld hardfacing had their life increased from 1 ½ months to 6-8 months.

Also ask us about our full range of material choices. All grades of alloy steel, stainless steel, heat resistant alloys, duplexing alloys, ductile iron, cast iron and nihards are produced in our foundry.