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Wear Sheet ISO with dimensions 2015-03-18

Domite sheets combine the unparalleled abrasion resistance of chrome white iron with the availability and versatility of overlay plates. By taking multiple chrome-white-iron castings and bonding them onto a single continuous sheet of mild steel, Domite Wear Technology Inc. has developed the ability to produce larger sizes than previously offered in a bonded chrome-white-iron.

These large sheets are easy to handle and with the use of water-jet technology, any design or shape can be easily programmed for quick and easy cutting either at our facility, or yours. This approach offers a time sensitive solution at an economical price.

Any size combination is possible within these ranges;

  • THICKNESS – from 1/2” (12mm) – 4” (100mm) +
  • WIDTH – from 16” (400mm) – 27” (700mm)
  • LENGTH – from 16” (400mm) – 36” (915mm)
Any size combination is possible within these 
Thicknessfrom 1/2" (12mm) - 4" (100mm) +
Widthfrom 16" (400mm) - 30" (700mm)
Lengthfrom 16" (400mm) - 45" (915mm)