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Domite Loaf Liners

  • Domite 700BHN Loaf Liners are far superior to standard cast & alloyed steel parts
  • Used to Rock Box / Dead Bed material in Boxes, Bins, Ledges, Conveyor systems & Transfer points
  • Protects the edge from impact & wear, allows material to build up creating Ore on Ore wear
  • Easily installed, no welding required just drop in place
  • Designed to sit on 4” x 1” rail that secures the loafs in place
  • Gain maximum life, once one side is worn, spin the loaf to expose the other side
  • Different sizes allow for unique configurations
  • Range of lifting lug options available.





Loaf install Looking down from the conveyor









Domite Loaf Liners

PART NO.Width (A) in. (mm)Length (B) in. (mm)Height (C) in. (mm)Slot Width (D) in. (mm)Slot Height (E) in. (mm)
D4 L8” (203)4” (102)8” (203)1 1/8” (29)4” (102)
D8 L8” (203)8” (203)8” (203)1 1/8” (29)4” (102)
D 10 L8” (203)10” (254)8” (203)1 1/8” (29)4” (102)