Domite® Wear Parts are a distinctive material in that they combine a hardened face of proprietary cast white iron with very high wear resistant qualities (700 BHN – 63 Rc) with the workability of mild steel (44w) to create an exceptional product that is resistant to impact and abrasion while retaining ductile characteristics and easy attachment.


To overcome the brittle nature of hardened white irons and to allow for easy installation via welding, studding, bolting or other attachments, Domite® incorporates the latest diffusion bonding technology to metallurgically bond the white iron to a tough, ductile, easy to weld mild steel backing plate. This is the key to achieving outstanding combined abrasion and impact resistance along with easy installation. Shown above is the strong metallurgical bond expanded with a scanning electron micrograph detailing the joined surfaces of the Domite-Chrome-White-Iron and the mild steel backing plate.

Superior to mechanical or bi-metallic jacket designs which have a tendency to fracture on impact, thanks to the metallurgical bond Domite® can withstand the toughest impact and abrasion environments. The diffusion bond has very high shear strength with a minimum 225 Mpa (33,000 psi) and will not separate.