Domite’s® hardened face is an alloyed, cast high carbon chromium – molybdenum martensitic white iron. Although the exact chemistry is proprietary for alloying agents, the chemistry will conform to the ASTM A532 Class II and responds to heat treatment. Domite® can be softened to around 400 BHN for machining purposes and then rehardened to a minimum of 700 BHN (63 Rc) for maximum resistance. The as-cast, heat treated microstructure is uniform throughout with discrete vs interconnected carbides containing primary carbides up to 1500HV.

This material was chosen from the group of white irons because of its exception resistance to abrasion, its responsiveness to heat treatment, its ability to develop extremely high hardness values and its significantly higher mechanical properties such as impact resistance than those of the lower alloy martensitic white irons.