Domite® specializes in redesigning dated or faulty OEM installations

Wear System Gallery

Domite® can be used to modify any existing liner shape and design to meet individual requirements. From changes in thickness to attachment methods to arrangement patterns to additional areas outside of the original installation, Domite® specializes in redesigning dated or faulty OEM installations.

By moving away from larger sized sheets and heavy sections requiring special lifting features and installation crews, Domite® provides a segmented modular change out approach to reduce down time and decrease overall operating costs.


  • Thickness adjustments up to 4”+ (100 mm+) for maximum life expectancy
  • Adjustment of locking or attachment system to allow for ease of installation or future targeted replacements
  • Size modification for ease of installation or reduction of maintenance
  • Flexibility to suit any area, edges or transfer points.
  • Increased production and reduced operating costs

Custom Build Example

Location: Alberta Oilsands, Suncor’s Steepbank Mine. (as pictured)
Fixed Plant: Double Dump Hoppers/Surge Bins

These Giant Double Dump Hoppers/Surge Bins use Domite Wear Liners in the most severe wear areas. Domite worked with the Engineering firm and Fabricator to provide hundreds of Wear Liners, in many cases one off Wear Liners had to be produced to meet unique contours of the walls of the Dump Hoppers, something the company was able to comfortably accommodate.

Material Handled: These Hoppers/Bins are built to handle the extremely abrasive Athabasca oilsands and are subject to impact, sometimes at temperatures as low as -40 degrees and as high as + 30 degrees. Domite was placed in the lower parts of the hopper which sees the most severe wear, CCO lines the upper walls.

Max Hopper capacity 2,350 Tonnes!

Performance: The Engineer had a targeted life of 2 years for the Domite Wear Liners, after 26 months measured wear was < 1/3 of the thickness of the abrasion resistant wear material.

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