About Us

The Original Domite®

Since 1967 Domite® has proven its durability and value to the mining and material handling industries throughout the world by supplying the premium wear resistant material. Domite Wear Technology is the founder and leading manufacturer of laminated Chrome-White-Iron wear products.

100% of the product is made at our facility located in Paris, Ontario, Canada.  We incorporate the latest technology on all phases of production:

  • 2D/3D Modeling
  • Pattern Work
  • Moulding
  • Casting
  • Machining
  • Assembly
  • Diffusion Bonding
  • Heat Treatment
  • Testing & Inspection
  • Fabrication
  • Packaging
  • Certification

By carefully controlling these phases in-house it allows us to offer competitive pricing, flexibility, and excellent reaction times.

Domite® Wear Parts are only manufactured by Domite Wear Technology Inc. Domite® is a registered trademark and cannot be used without expressed authorization.

Innovation pushing technology

Domite® Wear Technology management identified that a complete modernization of our metal casting process was required.  The traditional foundry stigma of low-tech, dirty, hazardous, and obsolete needed to change if we wanted to ensure a long sustainable future. 

As such we invested in state-of-the-art equipment and modern policies to make us one of the greenest foundries in the world.

Benefits of partnering with Domite

We are a leader in uniting with new technologies. Domite® is the first foundry in Canada to implement a state-of-the-art automated vacuum moulding line with the benefits of:

  • Superior Surface Finish
  • High Dimensional Accuracy
  • No Draft Angles
  • Closer Dimensions Equals Reduced Machining, Weight, and Cost
  • Speed and Economy
  • Reliability and Repeatability
  • New Melting Power Packs
  • New Production Control Software
  • New CNC Machinery and Handling Equipment

Environmentally responsible products

See our ESG policies for more in depth understanding of our corporate policies.

Metallurgical transparency and product integrity

  • Our foundry is ISO 9001:2015 certified with an open-door policy.
  • Ethically responsible we operate in a first world country adhering to strict metallurgical and H&S policies.
  • You are purchasing quality products with full traceability and mtr’s in every step of the manufacturing process.
  • With full-time metallurgical services in-house.
  • Supply Chain assurance.
  • Domite Wear Technology Inc uses technology to make a better product, faster and more reliably. 
  • Partner with us for a green sustainable future.