Open Pit

Electrical Rope Shovel (ERS)

Dipper Solutions

Domite offers a range of extreme wear resistant products to support the life and penetration of your Dipper, ensuring its up time is maintained in high tonnage, harsh open pit environments.

No two mines are the same, accordingly different mines like to set up their equipment differently to suit their conditions. Domite products are flexible and able to adjust with those needs.

In some cases a mine will want to have a slick belly if clay and sticky ore types tend to create carryback. In other situations ore is very hard and can gouge the liners so Tumble bars are desirable to have a bed of material the chances of gouging wear.

Domite offers mechanical liners the Domite Grav Lock & Bolt on Liners and weld in options, Domite Shell Liners. Domite products do not require pre or post heat, reducing risk of cracking the sub straight and speeding up install in difficult conditions.

Chocky Bars and Buttons can be used to fill in the areas where your GET doesn’t cover but you need some extra resistance such as.

  • The side bar, above & behind GET
  • Around the Dutch man, you can build up a pyramid deflecting material away

DOMITE® creates custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Custom Parts