Mechanical Liners

Bolt on Liners

Direct replacement parts for Hensley Bolt-On Runners

Take the same ease of function of the OEM Bolt-On Runners but INCREASE the wear resistance!

  • Domite Wear Technology offers a Superior Bi-Metalic Bolt On wear runner.
  • The Domite wear runner features a 725+ Brinell Chrome White Iron Wear Face (vs the OEM’s 400 BHN) for maximum Abrasion & Impact resistance!
  • The wear runner fits on existing Hensley Bolt On bases already in service, so no need for expensive or timely site redesigns.
  • The runner includes 4x wear indicators, when the Wear material is worn down and an indicator visable, you’ll know its time to change it out.
  • Suitable for Fixed and Mobile applications; Buckets / Shovels / Lower shell protection / Impact walls / Skirting on Conveyors / Reclaim Feeders.

Caps, bases and hardware available.

DOMITE® creates custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Custom Parts