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Haul Truck

Discharge Protection

Protect the dove tail or discharge end of your haul truck with Domite.

Haul Truck Protection Benefits

  • Domite Wear Technology offers a Superior Bi-Metalic mechanical wear runner – Domite Grav Lock as well as weld in liners custom made to suit your application.
  • Alloy Rich – Chrome, Moly & Tungsten Carbides
  • Domite has a homogeneous carbide matrix – reducing risk of
  • Spalling experienced with CCO
  • The Domite wear runner features a 725+ Brinell Wear Face (vs competitors 320- 400 BHN) for maximum Abrasion & Impact resistance!
  • Quick & Easy installation. Once the base plate is welded in place slide the Domite wear cap over top.
  • Engineered internal tapers plus lock hold the Wear Cap to the Base plate.
  • The runner includes wear indicators, when the Wear material is worn down and
  • an indicator visible, you will know its time to change it out.
  • Safer & Easier to change than conventional weld/bolt on wear liners, greatly reducing change out & downtime.
  • No expensive or complicated cutting or forming required
  • Light & easy handle
  • The Re-usable Base plate is protected on all 4 sides.
  • Facilitates one sided attachment.
DOMITE® creates custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Custom Parts