LHD Bucket Armour

Bolt-On LHD Lip

DOMITE® Bucket Armour components provide exceptionally longer life for extreme applications conventionally used AR & cast steel shrouds (350-450 BHN) are designed for impact resistance and toughness while compromising abrasion resistance Domite® shrouds consist of a hardened cast alloy steel (450 BHN) to provide the same impact resistance and toughness, only incorporating strategically placed DOMITE® CWI (725 BHN) in high wear areas to provide maximum resistance doubling life.

DOMITE offer a full suite of proven products to Armor up your LHD buckets.

Improve in your Wear Campaign.

Invest in your Leading Asset with the DOMITE LHD Bucket Armour Package

Domite Bolt-On Lip

Mechanical wear protection means no welding in confined spaces and quick change out. Offers increased life, LHD lips commonly wear from the bottom up. By having wear resistant material here you’ll get greater longevity vs common cast steel offerings.

Heel Shrouds

Protect the corner edges of the bucket.

Skid Bars and Plates

Protect the bucket base when tramming.

Chocky bars

Protect the cheek edge in place of wing shrouds, get better penetration into the muck pile.


Fit awkward locations & pack muck around them to protect the bucket sub straight.

Shell Liners

Protect high wear areas with our shell liners, curve concave and convex radiuses.

DOMITE® creates custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Custom Parts