Mechanical Liners

Grav Lock

Mechanical Wear Protection

  • Superior bi-metallic mechanical wear protection
  • The Domite wear cap features a 725+ brinell chrome white iron wear face (vs competitors 320-400 BHN) for maximum abrasion resistance, alloy steel backer provides impact resistance!
  • Alloy rich – chrome, moly & tungsten primary carbides. Extends life 9 x from AR450
  • Quick & easy installation. Once the base plate is welded in place simply slide the Domite wear cap over top, no hot-works, no bolting
  • Safer & easier to change than conventional weld / bolt in liners, greatly reducing maintenance change out & downtime in confined spaces.
  • Facilitates one sided attachment, no access to the back required.
  • The runner includes 2 x wear indicators, when the wear material is worn down and an indicator
  • Visible, it will alert maintenance personnel its time to invert or change the cap out.
  • Engineered internal tapers hold the wear cap to the base plate.
  • The re-usable base plate is protected from wear.
  • Gravity held and lockable options available.

Different Styles Allows for Use in Multiple Applications

Both gravity held hanging and locking options available.

DOMITE® creates custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Custom Parts