Mechanical Liners

X Lock

Bolt-in Mechanical Liner

  • A one sided attachment system, no access from the back required
  • Domite High wear resistant Chrome White Iron Wear Face
  • Quick install, no hot works required
  • This part is meant for fixed plant applications.


  • The system as 2x registration pads on the backing plate these align into the weld in base plate to take the bulk of the stress imposed on the part.
  • The bolt stops the wear liner coming off the base.
  • There are 2 common sizes 300×300 & 300×150.
  • There wear liner has some different profiles to choose from: 1 x rock box or 1 x flat profile
  • Where base plates are aligned next to one another they create a 6mm gap between liners. Install of the weld in base is simple & the welds are protected.

The system is made up of 4 parts

  1. A weld in base plate
  2. A wear liner that fits into the weld in base
  3. A retention plug, this seats into the weld on base
  4. The wear liner is then bolted to the retention plug. No access from the back is required
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