Domite® offer a large array of attachment methods suitable for any application, the most common are below.


  • Perimeter welding the mild steel backing plate into place. A benefit of mild steel there is no special pre-or-post heating and/or special rods are required.
  • It is possible for us to add a weld lip by recessing the castings from the mild steel backing plate creating an easy bevel surface for secure welding.
  • Plug Welding – Either from the front or back
  • Plug welding from the front we can cast in holes which allow for plug welding the mild steel backing plate to the sub straight, any number of holes can be included at little extra cost    
  • Plug welding from the back eliminates through holes in the casting. 


  • Direct attachment is simple with any sized counter-sunk or counter-bored bolt holes which are cast through the parts for quick applications in standard circular, square, hex or plow shapes.
  • Domite Bolts this unique product consists of a Domite capped counter-sunk bolt. What this does is maintains an undisturbed surface area & helps eliminate plate channeling & premature wear and maximizing wear life of the liners
  • By drilling and tapping the mild steel we can bolt the liner to the sub straight from the back.

“Industry first, Domite bolts reduce premature wear around the bolt hole providing longer liner life.”


  • Nelson / Arc Studs can be added directly to the mild steel backing plate, these are easy to install and eliminate through bolting, maintaining the wear face of the liner.

Mechanical Attachment

  • Use the technology of the patented Grav Lock both allowing for quick & easy one sided attachment
    • The Grav Lock includes a wear cap and base, once the base is welded in place to the substrate the wear cap slips over top & help in place by gravity, as such this is suitable for vertical & some horizontal fixed plant applications. 
  • With our own foundry it is possible to cast a steel backing plate with features for attachment to unique structures such as rails, grooves or tapered shanks.

Lifting Lugs

Domite offer a range of Lifting Lug options to assist you getting your parts into place quickly and safely.

  • We can provide lifting tabs that can be welded to the mild steel,
  • Cast in steel lifting lugs,
  • We can install a tapered insert into the casting.  This allows us to drill and tap the insert and can add an eye for lifting or you can weld to the insert, which is good for instillation and will still be there for removal.