Open Pit


Domite Mining Grade Excavator Bucket Armour Systems provide exceptionally longer life for extreme applications by providing a comprehensive package of components, quantities and calculated placement arrangements to protect
any size bucket.

  • Conventionally used AR & QT steel parts (450-500 BHN) are designed for impact resistance and toughness while Compromising Abrasion Resistance.
  • Individual Domite components consist of a cast, hardened steel alloy to provide the same impact resistance and toughness as conventional parts, only bonded with strategically placed Domite-Chrome-White-Iron (700 BHN) in high wear areas to provide

Excavator Protection Benefits

  • Support GET for Maximum Penetration
  • Provide external edge protection for High Durability
  • Less Maintenance required = Less Machine Downtime
  • Reduced hang up – Domite products have a low coefficient of friction so will be less likely to hold carry back
  • Weight Reduction vs generic systems – engineered design. Reducing size but not performance or wear resistance.

Related Products

Heel Shrouds

More isn’t always better, Domite don’t just make the heel shroud bigger to make it last longer we’ve engineered materials so you don’t have to use such bulky Heel Shrouds but you don’t loose any life. Gain extra penetration vs OEM heel shrouds, maximize penetration without compromising resistance.

Skid Bars and Plates

Protect the bottom & in behind adapters & lip shrouds. Weld on or mechanical Domite options available.

Shell Liners

Anti hang up shell liners (The high chrome content of Domite ensures it has a low coefficient of friction) line the inside or outside of the bucket. Easy to install and modular arrangement to fit any bucket.

Chocky Bars

So versatile they can be used in so many areas. To protect the base edge end protectors, around adapters and on the edge of the rock deflectors, the rockers/ and sidebar edges.


Fill in awkward areas requiring wear protection. They propagate material bedding and protect the sub straight of the bucket. Also used around adapters and shrouds

Wing Shrouds

Increased penetration and protection of bucket cheek plates / side bar.

DOMITE® creates custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Custom Parts