Bucket Armour

Dozer Strips

Domite® has established a reputation as the solution for high abrasion and impact in the mining, quarry & construction industries, and has numerous applications in cement, asphalt, material handling/mineral processing and dredging industries.


  • Various sizes allow for modular arrangement to fit any blade size
  • No expensive or complicated cutting or forming required
  • Simple weld procedure – no pre or post heating required
  • Light & easy handle
  • Rounded edges deflect blunt force impact
  • Reduces hangup – alloy rich domite has a low coefficient of friction
  • Domite has a homogeneous carbide matrix – reducing risk of spalling experienced with CCO
  • Domite is 725+ BHN on average lasts 5 – 10 x longer than AR500
DOMITE® creates custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Custom Parts