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Taperline – Chute Design

To the left shows a deficient brick pattern design with severe channeling. Domite Taperline chute design eliminates this with no corresponding vertical joint lines. Eliminating joint wash out and premature wear.

Eliminate liner wash out and premature failure in high velocity/wet applicaitons with Domite Taperline chute design.

Typically liners in chutes are some form of square or rectangle which is fine for alot of applications but there are cases where due to high velocity / fines / slurry applications liners can be more prone to pre mature failure using this style of liner. Domite have created and use the Taperline chute design, suitable for vertical & horizontal applications where channeling is observed.

Suitable for

  • New Builds
  • Retro fit of existing structures and plate work
  • Vertical and Horizontal applications
  • Also available are Domite Bolts or Domite Plugs to fill the plug weld or bolt hole creating a virtually flush wear face and eliminate premature liner failure.
  • Can be installed via bolt in, Arc stud, plug weld etc

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