In the early-mid 1960’s there was a trend toward the use of large, high capacity equipment in the steel, mining and mineral processing industries which increased the need to improve the life and dependability of parts subjected to abrasive wear.  This led to the use of white irons for their well-known abrasion resistant properties.  However, there was continued shortcomings as an engineered material due to their brittle nature and attachment questions.  In 1967 through a research and development project with the Alberta Oilsands, Canron Industries Foundry Division patented a diffusion bonded chrome-white product to overcome these obstacles.  In 1989 this division became Domite Wear Technology Inc. to specialize in the Trade Marked Domite® abrasion resistant laminated and non-laminated Chrome-White-Iron castings which are 725 BHN and supplied to the global mining market. 

A fully Canadian owned operation, Domite® Wear Technology Inc. continues to manufacture the product with the same fearlessness for innovation and high standards today. Building on those early successes, DWT expanded the product and alloy scope to help solve a range of wear related issues. DWT manufactures a full line of standard products as well as specializing in customized engineered wear solutions to provide superior results.