Domite® was developed in Hamilton, Ontario by Canron Industries (in conjunction with Syncrude) in the early 1960’s. White Iron’s were known for their superior abrasion resistant qualities, however brittle by nature. Through extensive lab and eld testing they came up with the process of bonding the white iron castings to a piece of mild steel, should the white iron see impact this would now be transferred through the mild steel maintaining its integrity, this also allowed for easy weld, bolt or stud attachment. On successful implementation the product was patented in 1967. In 1985 Canron’s foundry division was closed but they continued to produce Domite® by purchasing the CWI castings from Molten Metallurgy Inc, & doing the remainder of the work in house.
In 1989 the parent co of Canron divested from the division. The Domite name & trademark along with all production equipment (patterns, technologies, brazing ovens etc.) & IP were sold to Molten Metallurgy Inc. who formed a new company, Domite Wear Technology Inc. who continue to manufacture the product with the same fearlessness for innovation & high standards today.