Augers / Screw Conveyors

Material handling requires components to be stronger than the material being moved.  Domite can produce these parts in a range of abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant, high strength steel and heat resistant alloys.

Domite make a range of Augers, Flights and associated wear components such as;

  • Full assembly Augers – Typically for hollow core or curbing concrete extrusion machines
  • Screw conveyor segments – Flights that bolt to a shaft to move material. This allows for easy & selective change out, typically used with screw conveyors in asphalt, cement, biomass, ore & aggregate industries
  • Wear shoes – These are the wear components that bolt to or can be welded to a screw. Typically used with dewatering screws or other highly abrasive environments that need etc

Our utility products the Chocky bars and Wafer strips are commonly used on the edges of foundation drilling augers providing longer life than overlays.

DOMITE® creates custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Custom Parts