Standard Products

Loaf Liners

  • Domite 700BHN Loaf Liners are far superior to standard cast & alloyed steel parts
  • Used to Rock Box / Dead Bed material in Boxes, Bins, Ledges, Conveyor systems & Transfer points
  • Protects the edge from impact & wear, allows material to build up creating Ore on Ore wear
  • Easily installed, no welding required just drop in place
  • Designed to sit on 4” x 1” rail that secures the loafs in place
  • Gain maximum life, once one side is worn, spin the loaf to expose the other side
  • Different sizes allow for unique configurations
  • Range of lifting lug options available.
PART NO.Width (A) in. (mm)Length (B) in. (mm)Height (C) in. (mm)Slot Width (D) in. (mm)Slot Height (E) in. (mm)
D4 L8” (203)4” (102)8” (203)1 1/8” (29)4” (102)
D8 L8” (203)8” (203)8” (203)1 1/8” (29)4” (102)
D 10 L8” (203)10” (254)8” (203)1 1/8” (29)4” (102)
DOMITE® creates custom shapes and sizes specifically designed for your application. Custom Parts