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Loading Pocket / Measuring Box

Ore or waste no matter, Domite offer a range of products to facilitate complete lining and or relining of your measuring box / loading pocket and the associated equipment transfer car, flask, chute, arc gate, flop gates.

  • Domite wear systems are an excellent choice for high tonnage underground mines that experience high wear on liners in confined spaces.
  • Domite liners provide excellent resistance to high impact areas in the transfer car, flask and discharge chute.
  • Reduce hang ups & maintain consistent flow with our low coefficient of friction liners. 
  • Domite liners keep the material flow in stream, reducing material spillage.
  • Changing from a plate material will not change the weight.  Domite alloys have nominal variance / cubic inch of steel.
  • Smaller modular liners allow for easier handling in confined spaces. Long life liners extend change out frequency from plate liners.

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